¡Viva la resistencia! on every continent

If you’ve paid attention to Twitter today, you’ve likely seen the following:


Before you break out in applaud at the success of a very successful movement against the worst thing to happen to the United States since 9/11, ask yourself why anyone is saying “seven continents”.

Is it due to the tectonic plates?


Doesn’t look like it… It has little to do with discrete land masses. How about for political boundaries?

Again, this looks like a miss; Russia is in both Europe and Asia.


Australia (or collectively “Oceania”) is its own continent and Antartica doesn’t have a proper goverment in the traditional sense.

What becomes immediately clear is that Continent is a term that people use to impress their own ethnocentricity on others.


The “continents” are a rare lense for showing the presumptions and judgements of the speaker.

In Latin America, students are raised to believe that the Americas are a single continent. In the United States, we produce students who ask questions like this: Is Mexico part of North America?

This barely repressed xenophobia is a symptom of the problem at large which is lack of education and tolerance of thy fellow human.

As we seek equal rights for men and women, I think it would be a good idea to accept all humans as equal instead of looking for any reason to distance oneself from others.